fall: hyperextension av den djupa böjsenan

mycket bättre positionering efter första verkning

Hovarna har blivit för långa. Ganska smärtsamt att rulla över de, så slits de mera på trakterna  på tådelar – början till en ond cirkel med minskad rörlighet och översträckning av de djupa böjsenorna. Här syns en mycket bättre hovvinkel och positionering efter EN (men rätt) verkning!

fall: understuckna trakter och deras påverkan

16y old Arabian gelding in may 2010

Look and compare following points with the next picture:
– underrun heels
positioning of front legs
– the buck-kneed carpus
– swollen flexor tendons on frontlegs
– conformation of back and the missing muscles behind the withers
– the ewe neck with stiff lower neck muscles
– position of hindlegs, cow-hocked and toes out
– this horse is not able to carry weight in balance under his body
– last but not least: the unlucky face… his nostrils, mouth and eyes telling about the long during pain

Same gelding in november 2010

Look and compare… and see a smiling horse!
ALL points are improved by short period continious hoof orthopedic work!

fall: kronisk fång

Yes, it’s still the same hoof after 6 weeks, but a new horse with a lot of power 🙂

Work in progress: Only 6 weeks in between those images of a front hoof. This horse suffered too long by a former laminitis and false work of various veterinarians and farriers. My opinion is that such long walls are triggering ”founder”. Now he’s able to be ridden again, which is something his owner honestly never thought would happen…